What have we been up to? (Year B)

Seasonal Baking
As part of our new topic in DT 'Seasonal Food' we decided to do some baking which involved using the ingredient flour. We measured, combined and mixed the ingredients to make a delicious marble cake. The  children worked together, ensuring that they followed the right hygiene and safety procedures whilst handling food. Prior to our baking lesson, we explored the meaning of the word 'seasonal' and discussed the process in which grain is planted, harvested and then ground down to make flour.
Children in KS2 should.. 'Understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed.' - DT National Curriculum
Picking Plums!
After our DT lesson we decided to go into our school garden and explore all of the seasonal food which is in season. We found that there were blackberries and plums which were ripe. We then picked some plums and tasted them!
'Princess and the Pea' Story Map
In English we have been learning about the fairy tale 'Princess and the Pea'. We decided to create our own story map based on the key events from the story.
Skipping Festival 
This week the children in Pine Class enjoyed taking part in a skipping festival. During the festival the children enjoyed developing their solo skipping skills alongside fun skills with a partner. 
Marley Cote Farm
As part of our new geography topic 'Where does our food come from?'. The children in Pine Class visited a local dairy, we had a wonderful morning seeing the cows, visiting the milking shed and talking about how milk is pasteurised.