Our Ethos, Values and Vision

Our Ethos
The culture of our school is based on the principles of dialogue, inclusion and mutual respect. All dealings between staff, students and parents are characterised by a code of common courtesy and good manners. Partnership, working together and celebrating our diverse natures are the corner stone of our school community. 
We are committed to providing a service to our students who are recognised as the most important group within the school community. Staff will demonstrate due consideration and respect for their students. Students' rights to voice opinions will be recognised and staff will work with students to deal with their concerns. 
The efforts which members of staff make to improve the learning process and promote partnership will be recognised by students adopting an active role in their own learning. 

The school will continue to develop its existing positive links with the local community and promote civic pride in its achievements and reputation. 
Our 3 core values are -
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
Our children are awarded with specific certificates to celebrate their positive work in these areas.