30hrs Nursery Provision

We offer 30hrs nursery provision at Slaley First School:


  • All parents wishing their child to attend our nursery must fill in Northumberland County’s Parental Declaration form to register the hours they’d like their child to attend then sign and return the document to school.  We will then sign the document as it forms a contract between the parents and the provider.


  • Each term we will ask you to update your request for provision, editing your hours on the form where required.  You may want to increase the number of hours your child attends nursery, especially in the summer term, before they move into Reception and attend full-time.


  • If you are not eligible for a 30 hours funded place, you can still book your child in for more than 15 hours if you wish.  We will make the necessary alterations to our records and bill you the cost of any extra hours you take with us (i.e. 3 hours if you requested 18 hours per week).


  • If you are eligible for up to 30 fully funded hours, you can take as many as you wish between the hours of 8:00 and 6:00 across the week. The idea is that it is a flexible arrangement to suit you.  However, please note that changes can only be made once a term, for that term.



If you need to know more, or would just like to clarify any details, please contact us by telephone, email or drop in and speak to Mrs. Wilson in the Office.


Tel: 01434 673220  or  email: admin@slaley.northumberland.sch.uk