Below is the Long Term Plan for history. We are currently working on Cycle B (2023-2024)
Local Study Visit
Celebrating our local history the children from both Class 1 and 2 visited Blanchland as part of a local excavation project. The children enjoyed exploring and talking about lots of the discoveries found in Blanchland Abbey. They then took part in a stain glass window craft, a local history tour and a scavenger hunt.
The Tudors
In history we have been learning all about the Tudors. We leant who Henry Tudor was, how the Tudor family came into power and all about Henry VIII's Six Wives.
First we explored the different names of the different wives then we worked out what order they came in before creating our own timeline using important dates.
Victorian Day
To celebrate Victorian Day, Pine Class had a lovely day participating in a Victorian handwriting lesson, creating a Victorian pattern and enjoyed a delicious lunch!