Praise Assembly

To celebrate the success of our pupils, each week four children from each class are nominated by their teacher to receive awards: A Head Teacher’s Award, a Topic (or Maths/Writing)Award, a Homework Award and a Sport Award.

Children can also achieve an Attendance Award for 100% attendance over a term and the entire academic year (a huge achievement!) and a Star Award for ....being a star!

Other Rewards

These are personalised by each class teacher so that each class has its own reward system that suits the age of child in that class. 

These include: 'The Tin', ‘A Treasure Basket’and ‘Pupil of the Week’.

Children also earn positive comments, stickers and stamps on a daily basis.  We strongly believe in positive reinforcement as the key motivator.

Children can earn rewards for:

  • Working hard
  • Behaving well
  • Being polite
  • Caring for each other
Effort Cup
In the Summer Term of 2017, we introduced our 'Effort Cup'. This is awarded to one pupil each week who has demonstrated tremendous effort over a sustained period of time. The cup can go home with the child for the week.
This is proving extremely popular with both children and parents!
Praise Assemblies take place on a Monday afternoon: 2:55-3:10pm.
Dates will be regularly posted on the website calendar.
Parents, friends and family are most welcome to attend and share in our celebrations. 
On arrival, please come to the front door, where a member of staff will meet you.  At the end of the assembly, you can collect your child from the school yard as normal.
We look forward to you joining us. 
 Children are also encouraged to bring in awards that they have achieved outside of school so that we can share in the celebration of their achievements.