School Meals

Dear Parents and Carers

In keeping with nutritional guide lines, I have produced the Autumn menu incorporating the children’s ideas. 

We will continue to use the freshest of ingredients, and wherever possible these ingredients will be locally sourced. 

In addition to the new menu, we will be hosting themed days, to inspire the children with exciting tastes and to introduce them to new cultures. 

If you would like to know any more about our school lunches, please get in touch. 

Thank you for your support. 

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs. B. Seymour

Unit Manager

At Slaley First School, we realise the importance of exemplary behaviour, manners and attitude in the development of our children into well rounded human beings. To this end, we are keen to develop these aspects in all areas of school life, including the dinner hall. Every day, points are awarded to each table when children display excellent manners and behaviour. At the end of term, points are totaled up and the winning table/tables sit on the ‘top’ table on the last day of each half term.

Our School Ethos

Meals are prepared and cooked in our own kitchen, to a high and nutritional standard by our own Unit Manager. Menus are displayed in school for parents and pupils. Meals include home cooked foods and a wide range of fresh salad and vegetable items, as well as fruit.

Children are encouraged to have a cooked meal but provision is made for children who bring a packed lunch. We encourage children to eat as healthy a packed lunch as possible and enforce a 'nut-free' policy. A half term's notice of intention to change lunch arrangements is required. Universal free school meals are available for Reception, Year One and Year Two pupils.


Focus on healthy eating-whole school approach. 

Within Slaley we aim to weave aspects of food education such as cooking and growing vegetables into school life and the curriculum.

Mrs. Seymour ensures that school lunches meet ‘The School Food Standards’ and utilizes food checklists in order to promote healthy eating.

Children are made aware of the importance of healthy choices and a balanced diet. This is done through the use of discrete class teaching relating to curriculum objectives as well as links to other subjects e.g. Science and specific cooking tasks. In addition, food grown in our school garden is used whenever possible. Our Before and After School Club also focuses on food as part of a healthy lifestyle.