World Book Day - At last!

8th March 2018
World Book Day 2018
Thursday, 8th March
 £34.00 raised for Book Aid International!
After the snow of last week, today we held our 'postponed' World Book Day and the children looked absolutely amazing!
A huge amount of effort and ingenuity had gone into costume ideas as ALL children were dressed as characters from books that they also brought to school with them to share with the rest of their class.  It's wonderful that books still engender so much excitement!
The excitement continued to mount through the morning as the children discovered they were not able to enter the hall. In fact, they found a brick wall where the entrance should've been, with a sign saying:    'Platform 9 3/4' if it couldn't get anymore 'owl' appeared in each classroom with an invitation for the children inviting them to attend dinner in 'Hogwarts Dining Hall'
The children were sorted (by the Sorting Hat - of course!) into the four houses:
Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin
and directed to sit on their house table fully decorated in their house colours and insignia.
Mrs Seymour has absolutely blown us all away today with her limitless creativity.  We even had 'floating candles', sandwiches in the shape of snakes, cakes with 'house scarves' and breadstick wands!
I'm sure you will want to join with us in saying a huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Seymour.