Week 8 - News Round Up!

8th June 2020
Summer Reading Challenge - 2020
Join the 'Silly Squad' and take the challenge!

The Silly Squad Book Collection is full of seriously funny books!

Every book has been specially chosen by children and librarians for everybody taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge to enjoy.

How it works:
  1. Join the Silly Squad and pick your avatar.
  2. Discover awesome books to read.
  3. Play games, earn points and more.
  4. Unlock badges througout the challenge.
I'm not sure Mrs. Julie's budget will stretch to this kind of PE lesson...but it looks very exciting!
I am so impressed to see children still continuing to produce work at home that is of such a high standard.  Where parents have also marked work - thank you.  You really are doing a wonderful job.
And although the weather has not been quite so nice, we are still getting outside to play and look after our plants!