Week 7 - News Round Up!

1st June 2020
Monday 1.6.20
Some of our children have come back to school today and discovered that things are not quite as they were when they left back in March!
The paths are stripy, there are a number of signs both inside and outside of the building, the desks are very spread out and lunches are delivered to the classrooms.
The thing that hasn't changed is that we are all still smiling.
We are able to feel safe and relaxed because there are not very many of us here - this makes it so much easier to 'socially distance'. 
Whilst the weather remains fine, we are also able to take more of our lessons outside - we know this is a safer place to learn at this time.
Another birthday, and I'm guessing this child has just turned five! Thankfully the sun was still shining and he had a super time, celebrating in the garden.
It's nice to see people making the most of the glorious weather at home. I think we'd all agree that we feel happier and more relaxed when we are outside enjoying the sunshine. 
As always, we love to see how you are getting on with your Home Learning.  It is important to keep 'key skills' ticking over, but this can be done in all sorts of creative ways.  We have been really impressed with your original ideas!
We all know how important it is to be able to read and part of learning how to do that involves understanding and practising 'phonics' (sounds). Class 1 work on their phonic understanding daily in class so it's good to see the hard work you are continuing to put in at home.  I particularly like how this child has found items in her room that all have this week's phonic sound in them! Well done!
Being creative!
We have had a number of people 'getting creative' this week - especially when the weather has turned cooler and we feel less tempted to get outside. One child is working towards her Brownie Painting Badge and another received a super 'acrylic painting kit' for his birthday. Whatever you are doing, do share it with us so we can share it with everybody else. Your colourful pictures continue to make us smile. Thank you!
Sunflower Update!
Early Years will be glad to know that their sunflowers have survived their stay at Mrs. English's house and made a safe return to the garden area at school. They are now growing happily up the garden fence! Well done Mrs. English!

"In the current nature and climate emergency, we’re seeing more people affected by eco-anxiety – feeling overwhelmed by the damage to our environment and not knowing what to do to help. This, along with other stresses, aren’t good for us. But with 30 Days Wild from the Wildlife Trusts you can incorporate some simple nature-based activities into your daily life and feel the benefit. These activities can lower blood pressure, take our minds away from our day-to-day concerns and help us relax, as well as providing simple ways to help wildlife."

- Dr Amir Khan, GP and Ambassador for The Wildlife Trusts

Don't forget to send us pictures of your 'wild' adventures so we can share them with others.