Week 5 - News Round Up!

4th May 2020
It is hard to believe that we are now in Week 5 of 'Home Learning'. 
This week, Mrs. English has sent a link for all those who fancy a bit of 'Forest Bathing' from home. The forestry commission say it is a great way to spend time outside and de-stress. On their website, they also have a number of other activities you might like to investigate such as: 
Tree Trumps Card Game
A game that helps you to get to know the different trees found in our woods and forests.
Gruffalo Spotters Activity
Fun activities you can take part in whilst being a 'Stay at Home Superhero'!
We have been celebrating VE Day by: creating bunting for our houses, colouring posters, making medals, writing poetry, baking cakes, creating picnics and having a very 40's style afternoon tea!
Thank you for continuing to send us so many wonderful photographs. We really do enjoy seeing and hearing about what you have been up to - the level of effort has been outstanding! Your emails also give us the opportunity to keep in touch.
Matilda entered a competition to design a logo that represented kindness  https://whitetriangle.agency/blog/kids and won her age category. She was understandably very pleased with herself especially as they made a donation to a charity of her choice (cancer research) and she’s won a snazzy pack of pens too which she’s very excited about. Well done Matilda!
We all know that 'reading' is a really important skill that we all need to learn to do well.  But as you get better at it, what you also discover is how much fun it is to read all sorts of books.  You get to visit fantastical places, to solve mysteries and all from the comfort of your own home.  A perfect activity for 'Stay at Home Superheroes'!
This week, we heard about one of our pupils coming up with the idea of running a book stall; a super way to share books that we have finished.
It's lovely to seeing you continuing to get out and about in all this glorious weather we have been enjoying.  Two boys held their own 'Beaver Camp' in their garden to celebrate St. George's Day - what a super idea! I think Mrs. English will feel very jealous about those toasted marshmallows!
Some of you have also been offering a helping hand: on the farm, making dinner...well done!
Having time to think about taking up a new hobby is one of the benefits of our time in Lockdown.  One of you is learning to play the piano, whilst someone else has been learning to crochet and make sugar paste flowers. And how about building a dinosaur?!
You really are a talented bunch!
Crafts remain popular...with lots of cutting, sticking and colouring.
And we are still enjoying our baking, making edible treats to share with others.
Edward was asked to write a poem by his theatre group, entitled 'Home'. I wonder what you would write?
And someone's had a birthday this weekend!