Week 3 - News Round Up!

20th April 2020
As we move into our third week of home learning, we are glad to hear that you all remain safe and well at home.
Your teachers have been busy putting together this week's home study pack for each class, which you can find in the Home Study section of our website (in PARENT ZONE). There are a range of activities, covering different aspects of the curriculum, for you to access.
Please remember, your teacher is only an email away if you have any queries or concerns, want to share photographs of what you've been doing, or if you'd just like to have a chat.  Don't hesitate to drop us a line, we are here for you.
As 'home schooling' continues, more and more providers are wanting to offer support to pupils, parents and teachers.  Today, the BBC are starting a comprehensive programme through the iplayer and BBCbitesize website (see link below). 
The amount of work we are setting for you to do is totally sufficient, but you may wish to dip into this resource and investigate what is on offer.
As we have said before, you are doing a great job being 'Stay at Home Superheroes'. We look forward to hearing/seeing what you have got up to this week - watch this space!
As always, you are doing a super job completing your 'School Work' at home with some help from those very clever parents (and grandparents, I hear)!
We have an update on your sunflowers Early Years...Mrs. English is doing a super job noting which are the shortest and which are the tallest.
I wonder why they are not all the same height?
However, I think the girls are trying to show you how it's done Mrs. English...they now have: beetroot, lettuce, peas and radishes coming through! In the pictures you can also see the girls potting up their tomato plants - they managed to get 33 tomato plants from just 1 baby plum tomato in the house!  THAT'S AMAZING!
One of the children in class 2 mentioned to me that she was learning to 'touch type' whilst she was at home and unable to attend school.  I thought this was a super idea and mentioned it to another child today.  BBC Bitesize have a resource called:
Dance Mat Typing 
which is a course that is aimed at 7 - 11 year olds.
Touch typing enables you to type without looking at the keys on the computer, using all your fingers so that you are super fast!  A really useful skill - one that I am finding particularly useful at this present time!  It might be something you also want to try.
As always, you appreciate the importance of keeping busy and active whilst staying at home. Some of you are coming up with some wonderful ideas!
I'm glad to share an 'update' on the progress of the caterpillars living at the Osborne's House...they are now beautiful butterflies!
After reading the instructions about what to feed them, they were carefully released. They initially appeared very happy to stay attached to the children, but finally moved onto something a bit more edible!
One family have been very resourceful this week.
M. decided to take apart her old swing (all by herself!). First she had a rummage in dad's tool shed and found the correct size spanners and unscrewed all the bolts and then asked for some paint as she now had some 'new poles' for her pony. She didn't stop there, as her sister (L) had got a 'big girl's bed' she used the base of her cot to make a set of wings for the jump. Amazing!
So M and L now have a lovely new jump for their ponies. Well done girls!
O. has been busy making a home for her guinea pigs (they're not real by the way!).  Mmm...I wonder if that is a hint mum and dad?
Some of us have also been carrying out research on a topic that has caught our interest and enthusiasm. That's terrific!
And we're still baking!!