Week 2 - News Round Up!

3rd April 2020
As we approach the end of our second week as 'Stay at Home Superheroes', it's lovely to see we still have smiles on our faces and all remain safe and well.
Thank you for continuing to send in your news and photographs for us all to share, you are bringing joy to a lot of people, not just those who attend our school.  Tell your friends and family to see what you've been up to by accessing our website.
I can see that some of you clearly have 'Easter' on your minds!  Apparently, one thing the supermarkets have plenty of are Easter Eggs! 
Mrs O'Neill is pleased to see some of you using your sewing skills to keep your fine motor skills ticking over.
Ms Roff will be very impressed to see that one of you has used the programme 'Scratch' to code an artie robot to write letters! Whilst one set of grandparents are actually setting their own homework to keep their grandchildren busy! Researching Antarctica!
And, as always, you continue to be 'creative'.  Yes, there is a use for all those toilet rolls!
When asked, this child told her mother, "It’s a dog that is fishing and his hammock is on a red bush tree. He’s relaxing catching fish - it’s a special rare green fish."
Imagination...... wonderful!
Continuing to bake...well done for managing to find ingredients in the shops!
I have  been reliably informed that all 'spoon licking' took place once the buns were in the oven!
And being active!
One family have been spying on the wildlife in their garden from the comfort of their home...with the use of a 'night vision' camera...and look what they saw!
KS1 and EYFS you'll be glad to know that Mrs English has popped into school to rescue your sunflowers. Each week, she'll keep you posted as they continue to grow and thrive in the 'English Household' - no pressure Mrs. English!
Here the girls have been collecting seeds from every piece of fruit or veg they can find!  So far they have tomatoes, peppers and oranges...watch this space! It seems like a good idea to turn your hand to 'growing your own' in the current situation. A great use of time!
I know I have said this many times, but you are all doing a wonderful job. 
Children, we can see you are enjoying a variety of activities both inside and outside which is great.
Parents, you are doing an incredible job juggling your own 'working from home' alongside ensuring your children have a healthy balance of work and play.  
From all the staff,