Week 13 - News Round Up!

13th July 2020
As we move into the final week of term, we are starting to think about next year and  moving into a new class or school.
Bearemy has been thinking about what he is 'wishing for' next year in Reception. Click on the document below to find out more! 
It has been lovely to have the opportunity to see all the hard work you have been doing at home.  Some pupils have brought their books, folders and 'projects' into school for us to see. The quantity and quality has taken our breath away!  It really does show how long you have been 'working from home'.  You are amazing, well done!
FoSS Sponsored Walk
Some people have started to complete the FoSS sponsored walk route. Don't forget, this can be completed at anytime during July and there are 2 circular walks for you to choose from (both starting from Whitley Chapel).
Road Safety Reminder - Stay Safe!
Following a 'near miss' this week, could parents remind their children to be careful on the footpaths in the village.  There are a number of access lanes crossing the paths and people understandably don't always register that there may be a vehicle emerging.
I have attached a couple of age appropriate powerpoints, posters and activities to help reinforce this important message.
Thank you!
We wanted to send a final 'well done' and 'thank you' to all the children in each of the classes. This has been an unprecedented year, a time we will never forget, but we are still here and we are working together to make things work.  That is quite an achievement.