Visiting the Great North Museum

9th May 2018

Great North Museum Trip - 9.5.18

Year Three and Year Four

The Egyptian Gallery

On Wednesday 9th May, Year Three and Four visited the Egyptian Gallery at the Great North Museum in Newcastle as part of their current topic, learning about The Ancient Egyptians.

We spent the morning in one half of the gallery looking at the different cases, learning about everyday life for the Egyptians. We looked at the importance of the River Nile, food, Pharaohs and Priests, the Gods, jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes, medicine and Egyptian writing.

After lunch, outside in the gardens because the sun was shining, we entered one of the exhibits in the centre of the Gallery. This recreated the Journey into the Afterlife and we had to face a number of challenges and hope our hearts were lighter than a feather so that we could progress to the Field of Reeds to live in Paradise with the Gods!

After this, we looked at the Mummies and everything the museum has to give us information about what Egyptians believed and the practices they carried out after someone had died.

We then spent some time looking at all the exhibits to choose our favourite artefact. We are going to carry out some research to find out as much as we can about our chosen item and create some artwork based on our artefact.

We had a very busy day and have learned a lot about the Egyptians!