Stay at Home Superheroes!

23rd March 2020
Hello Everybody! Here we go!
Each week, a new 'home study' folder will go live for you to access in:  
Each Class Teacher will prepare a weekly folder of activities that will go live on the Friday evening.  This has changed from the Monday as we have had feedback that people may have more time at the weekend to get prepared for the week ahead.
In Early Years, Nursery and Reception children have a weekly Rainbow Challenge, offering suggested activities to target each of the seven areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each is equally important, but of course many of the things children do on a daily basis at home will also help to meet these areas of learning, particularly in the Prime Areas (Red, Orange and Yellow). 
They also have a letter from our class bear, Bearemy, to encourage them to read, write and stay connected with school! (Mrs. Ainslie is also very happy for any older children to write back to Bearemy if they so wish.)
In Key Stage 1 & 2 Maths and English will have more detail than the foundation subjects as they focus on important key skills, but there will be a range of suggested activities including powerpoints, quizes, worksheets, Youtube links etc.
As stated before, please do not think that your child has to complete everything! Pick and choose and aim for variety. Also, sharing a book, keeping a diary, playing a board game, practising timestables, reading the time, cooking, etc. are equally valuable. And don't forget to keep active and healthy! 
Also, remember to email your teacher if you wish, we'd love to hear about and see the wonderful things you are doing to keep you busy. If parents are happy to share, we could also do a weekly round up on our News page so that everybody feels they are working and playing together.
Whilst you are being 'Stay At Home Superheroes' and doing your bit to support the NHS, take care and stay safe.
Best wishes,
Mrs. Brett
P.S. Click on the link below for a super free resource for all ages from Audible Books: