SFS Tri-Golf Festival

17th April 2018



On the afternoon of Tuesday 17th April, our Year Three and Four pupils led an exciting afternoon of Tri –golf for our Reception, Year One and Two pupils.

The younger children took part in a group warm-up in the Hall while the older pupils worked hard to set up a carousel of eight different Golf activities outside on the yard.

Despite the weather, we managed to stage five activities before it started to rain. We were using our new tri-golf equipment purchased using the Sports Premium provided by the Government, to every school in the country to raise the standard of School Sport Provision. Our older pupils had been using this new equipment to experience a new sport and to prepare to take part in a competition between lots of other schools in our area at Close House. They were very keen to share their experience with our younger pupils so that everyone could enjoy using the excellent equipment.
After rain stopped play, we continued with a range of activities in the Hall so that the pupils had an afternoon spent joining in many different skills and activities. Everyone had a wonderful time and the level of enthusiasm was great to see. We have a school of very fit children who have a great attitude to PE and it was a pleasure to see them all having such a great time.

A big thank you to our Year Three’s and Four’s for working so hard to run such a successful event.