School Council Meeting

16th January 2019
School Council Meeting - 16.1.19
Dining Hall Charter
The School Council have been hard at work reviewing our Dining Hall Charter.
Miss McCall asked the children to look at the previously agreed charter and discuss whether they felt anything needed to change (and why). 
This is what was agreed:

We recognize that we all have the following rights:

¨ To eat in a dining hall where everyone is well behaved.

¨ To have a quiet dining hall with quiet chat.

¨ To eat in a safe and friendly environment, where everyone has good table manners.


So we promise to respect these rights by:

¨ Listening to the teacher and being quiet when a teacher speaks.

¨ Talk in quiet voices to the people on your own table.

¨ Remaining in our seats, putting our hand up when we are finished.

¨ Eating in a sensible manner—using cutlery properly.

¨ Using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.


This reviewed charter is now on display in the dining hall and members of the School Council have shared the changes in PSHE lessons throughout the school.

Yet again, the children have shown that they take the responsibility of their role very seriously which is very encouraging to see.

Well done & Thank you!

Mrs. Brett