Quad Kids Competition

3rd May 2019

Quad Kids Competition


Recently, a team of ten children from Year 3 and 4, represented our school at the Quadkids competition at the Wentworth Leisure Centre in Hexham.  Quadkids is a competition where each team member completes a 400 metre run, a 50 metre sprint, a standing long jump and throws a howler.

We chose our team by holding a competition in school to find the children with the quickest times, longest throws and jumps to form our team.  The final team was made up of six Year 4’s and four Year 3’s and was a mixture of boys and girls.

Quadkids is a great format because every team member’s performance is equally important as every score counts. Every member of the team improved on their performance from the competition in school which was a great personal achievement for each of them.

 As always, when representing the school, our pupils’ behaviour was excellent and every member of the class supported each other and celebrated the team’s performance.