Pupil Voice Conference - 'Global Goals'

28th June 2019
Pupil Voice Conference - Global Goals
Queen Elizabeth High School
On Friday, 28th June, four pupils from Year 4 attended the Hexham Partnership Pupil Voice Conference at QEHS.  This was an opportunity for a small group to represent our school at the conference which focused on 'Global Goals'.
The day consisted of three workshops (including a recycling themed art activity) and a closing activity where footage of the day (short drama productions) was shared with everybody who had taken part. 
Drama workshops were led during the day by the Big Foot Arts Education company who promote awareness of global issues.
This was another opportunity for children across the Hexham Partnership of schools to mix and work together.
We would particularly like to thank Mrs. Morgan (Headteacher of Whitley Chapel First School) who kindly looked after our pupils during the day.