Planting Oak Saplings

15th December 2020
On Tuesday, 15th December, the children in Early Years planted 4 Oak sapling trees on the school field under the guidance of Mr. & Mrs. Douglas and Mrs. Pat Wilson from the Slaley & Healy Environment Group.
After some detailed discussion, it was decided that one tree would be planted in the direction of North, one South, one East and finally one West. You can tell Mrs Douglas was a Geography Teacher!
We'd like to thank Harriet Lamb who donated the trees to Slaley and Healy Environmental Group and the S&HEG for thinking of us in the choice of location.
We are very proud of our status as a 'Community' school.  Being an integral part of the Slaley Village community is extremely important to us and we are pleased to be able to continue to provide a vital 'green space' for residents to enjoy.