Physical Education

The importance of physical education is recognised through the planned teaching of gymnastics, games, dance and swimming. Skills are taught and developed from the Foundation Stage through to Year 4. Wherever possible, further sporting opportunities are provided e.g. Tops Play, netball, tennis and football, etc. Through links with other schools in the area (referred to as Partnership Schools), joint sport afternoons are arranged whenever possible. We are part of the School Sports and Physical education Partnership with NCC and participate in competitions organised throughout the year. The effective use of the School Sports Premium allows the school to bring qualified coaches and P.E. teachers into school to develop CPD for Teachers and to enhance the provision for pupils.

Slaley First School has a whole school approach to the four core themes which comprise the Healthy School Standard:-


  • Personal, social & health education including sex & relationships & drug education;

  • healthy eating;

  • physical activity;

  • emotional health and well being;

     Aspects of work in these areas continue to be part of school life, in order to maintain standards.


The Golden Mile Initiative

Over the last few years, the pupils at Slaley First School have taken part in the Golden Mile. This is a nationwide project, set up by The Olympic Legacy Fund, to encourage all pupils to participate in physical activities to promote personal fitness, health and well-being. Pupils record the number of laps of the school yard or field that they have walked or run every week. These are then recorded on a website that compares all the schools participating to see which school has walked the furthest each month. So far we have been first, second twice and third, which is an excellent achievement for a small rural school.

This academic year, we hadn’t intended to start this again, but the pupils have really missed the challenge so we reinstated the challenge in March. So far, every pupil in the school has walked or run 10 miles, so all are members of the 10 mile club. We have 8 members of the 25 mile club and 2 members of the 50 mile club. These numbers will increase in the next 3 weeks as we have a number of pupils who are almost at their next certificate levels and determined to reach their target before the summer break!

We are very proud of our fit and motivated pupils and very impressed by their achievements.