Physical Education

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The importance of physical education is recognised through the planned teaching of gymnastics, games, dance and swimming. Skills are taught and developed from the Foundation Stage through to Year 4. Wherever possible, further sporting opportunities are provided e.g. Tops Play, netball, tennis and football, etc. Through links with other schools in the area (referred to as Partnership Schools), joint sport afternoons are arranged whenever possible. We are part of the School Sports and Physical education Partnership with NCC and participate in competitions organised throughout the year. The effective use of the School Sports Premium allows the school to bring qualified coaches and P.E. teachers into school to develop CPD for Teachers and to enhance the provision for pupils.

Slaley First School has a whole school approach to the four core themes which comprise the Healthy School Standard:-


  • Personal, social & health education including sex & relationships & drug education;

  • healthy eating;

  • physical activity;

  • emotional health and well being;

     Aspects of work in these areas continue to be part of school life, in order to maintain standards.


The Golden Mile Initiative

Here at Slaley First School, we believe that all our pupils should enjoy keeping themselves fit and be motivated to live a healthy lifestyle so we run an activity club called The Golden Mile. Every playtime, our pupils encourage each other to run laps of our yard. When it is better weather, the challenge becomes greater because they can run their laps around our running track on the field. Our pupils can run or walk their laps. Some of them race each other to push each other to keep running. Others just have a walk and enjoy chatting to each other while they are walking. The activity can be as physically challenging or relaxing as they wish to make it when they take part.

In the school year 2020 to 2021, every pupil in the school has walked or run 10 miles, so all are members of the 10 Mile Club.  Our new Nursery pupils, that joined us in January, almost achieved their Ten Mile certificate, so will quickly join this club once we start back to school in September.  There are also 10 children who will receive their new distance certificates when we return to school.

We have 2 members of the 25 Mile Club.  We have 10 members of the 50 Mile Club.

We have 5 members of the 75 Mile Club.  The 100 Mile Club now has 10 members and there is one member of the 150 Mile Club.

Finally, we have two members of the 200 Mile Club. In fact, one child achieved a distance of 218.41 miles and the other, achieved 223.54 miles, a tremendous achievement.

This past school year (2019-20), we introduced a new competition to challenge our Year Four pupils. We kept a rolling total of miles but also counted the actual laps that they completed. We had four pupils who received a trophy on their Leavers Day in school. The trophies were awarded for walking or running more than 1,500 laps. Noah ran 1581 laps, Archie ran 1723 laps, Lotte ran 2280 laps and Bea ran 2398 laps. Bea was also the pupil that walked the furthest distance so well done to you all for “rising to the new challenge”.

We are very proud of our fit and motivated pupils and very impressed by their achievements over the year.