Multi-Sports Festival at SFS

23rd May 2018
Multi-Sports Festival
This afternoon we have had children from Whitley Chapel and Beaufront First School join us for a multi-sport festival. It has been lovely to see the children from three different schools within the Hexham Partnership working together in mixed teams on a range of sporting activities. In total, 81 children have taken part.
This festival has been organised and led by our P. E. Coach and Year 3 & 4 pupils, who have been training up as Sports Leaders. The children designed each of the activities, starting with the 'fundamentals of movement:
  1. Racing against another by hopping through hoops, running through tunnel of cones into a hoop at the end. Winner is first one in the hoop.
  2. Using spots, children hop from spot to spot using a colour system chosen by the Sports leader.
  3. Children use hurdles to step over, run over and jump over, depending on ability.
  4. Children have to jump from beanbag to beanbag and complete the track without touching the floor.
  5. Ladders - Children will use different footwork skills in the ladders, this will be shown by the Sports leaders.
  6. Memory game where children have to walk into hoops. Some hoops have ‘bombs’ in which you must try to avoid.
  7. Noughts & Crosses children using bibs and hoops have to play against each other to make a row of 3.
After a quick break for refreshments, the children then moved onto six specific sporting activities:
  1. Football Penalty shootout - Children take shots at a Sports Leader
  2. Tennis strike - Children drop ball from one hand and strike with tennis rackets as far as they can - Score will be measured.
  3. Bullseye throw - Using our new Tri Golf Target children will throw balls at the target and try to score as many points as possible.
  4. Vortex howler / Outdoor darts - Children use darts or Vortex howlers to throw as far as they can.
  5. Tri golf - Children try to drive the ball for the longest drive
  6. Hockey shootout - Children dribble through a set of cones and shoot ball at the goal.
This non-competitive festival has focused on having fun whilst trying out new activities that help us to keep fit and healthy.