FoSS: Easter Eggtravaganza!

26th March 2021

We have had an eggcellent time today at school. The day has finally arrived where all the children’s plans and hard work can be appreciated as we have all been amazed at the standard of their decorated eggs.

The pressure weighed Mr O’Neill down as he started the VERY difficult task of judging. He started with the Nursery children who had been super creative with eggs transformed into sheep, ice creams and dinosaurs. Eventually, after much deliberation it was decided that Daisy should be the recipient of first prize for her totally independent effort and the second prize should be awarded to George for the imaginative Dinosaur Egg. 

The judging task became even harder as he turned to the Reception entries. Children had used a variety of materials and decorated their eggs brilliantly. Once again, there were ice creams, lions and even planets!  First prize went to Seb for his ‘cracking ‘effort and second prize allocated to Timothy for his imaginative planet design.

After having a short break and checking the lunch in the oven, Mr O’Neill moved onto the Year One entries. It was hard to believe, but each entry was very unique and different. The judging continued and Mrs O’Neill had to comfort Mr O’Neill as the pressure got to him, but with a boost of encouragement he once again made his final decision and awarded the first prize to Zeke and second prize to Oliver. Both boys had made an eggstra effort to produce something original and eggciting.

Following a discussion with Ms Roff to express just how brilliant the entries all were, Mr O’Neill  moved to the Year 2 section. The ice cream theme continued, but this time there were a number of rabbits, balloons and even a volcano to choose from. Ms Roff gave her valued opinion and in the end the first prize was given to Rose and the second prize was given to Tom.

The designs became more complicated the older the children got and the Year Three entries were very impressive. Finally, after having to think super hard, Mr O’Neill decided the fish entry  by Mason was the one to be awarded first prize. Mrs O’Neill said it was bigger than any fish he had ever caught in all the years they had been married!! Second prize was awarded to Ava for her very imaginative design which we think was inspired by a book she may have read.

By this time, Mr O’Neill was egghausted and only had the final entries to judge. Year Four produced some wonderful egghibits. The winner was Oliver who made his egg into a very convincing model of Mr O’Neill! It looked eggaxtly like him. The second prize went to Freya for a very beautiful butterfly design.

There were so many creative entries, Mr O’Neill wanted to award a prize for ‘Original Interpretation’ in each year group. These prizes went to:

Reception- Issac 

Year One- Oscar 

Year Two- Casey 

Year Three- Matilda 

Year Four- Ella 

The fun did not stop there as the children then wrapped up warm and hopped all over the school grounds to find the eggs a careless Easter Bunny had dropped.

As an eggtra treat, Mr.O'Neill had created his own 'Original Interpretation' of Easter Crispie Cakes for the children's dessert - complete with spun sugar!

Foss also organised a wonderful raffle which was drawn by the children at lunchtime. The prizes were all donated by local businesses. Mrs English also donated a handmade cake and there were a wonderful selection of chocolates and treats which we all had our eye on.

The winners were:

  1. Mrs English’s cake                                                           Jill Ridley
  2. £40 Transcend voucher                                                   Mrs Wilson
  3. A 'Charlotte Douglas’ dried flower bouquet               Emma Turnbull
  4. Bottle of Cava from Slaley Village Shop                      Angelica Clifton's mum
  5. Bottle of whiskey                                                             Emma Turnbull
  6. Brownies and shortbread from Kiln Pit Bakehouse   Angelica Clifton
  7. Bottle of Prosecco and chocolates from Waitrose       Mrs O’Neill
  8. Jar of Easter treats                                                            Naomi Hunter
  9. 2 bottles of wine                                                               Janeen Smith
  10. Dove smellies set                                                             Angelica Clifton's mum
  11. Baylis and Harding gift set                                            Sarah Boyd
  12.  Family of 4 Ice cream Voucher                                     Lucy Irish

At the end of the day, all the children received an Easter Egg for entering the competition, donated by Tesco. Well done to everyone; your creative creations were all brilliant!

Finally, we'd like to add our appreciation to FoSS for making our last day of a very unusual term so EGGstra special and raising an amazing amount of money for our school: