Week 1 - News Round Up!

27th March 2020
Week 1 - 23.3.20
Each week, I will share any news and pictures that we have received from all our 'Stay at Home Superheroes' so make sure you keep your teachers informed of all the lovely things you are doing along with asking any questions you need to know the answers to.  
On Tuesday, I received an email that made me smile. It reiterated to me the depth of kindness that exists within us all and how much we really care about each other.
J. ended her first day of home study with some art. She is painting over 50 rainbows to deliver to the houses on the estate. She has also chalked rainbows on the path at the front of the house with messages to our neighbours. She said she wants everyone to be happy like a rainbow.  She asked me to send one to you and hopes this makes you smile.
Some children have been keeping themselves active and healthy whilst also helping out on the farm!  What a great use of time - well done!
One family spotted a frog and frog spawn whilst out on their 'daily walk'. Others have turned their hand to den building in the garden!
Technology is a wonderful thing. It is keeping us all connected in a way that we could never have imagined. It is also enabling us to access our work online.  If nothing else, our I.T. skills will have massively improved by the time we return to school!
As we know, keeping active is important all the time but especially now.  M has been riding her bike through a homemade slalom course up on the farm - looks a bit chilly up there- and families are playing together in the garden (making the most of the sunshine!).
The Ogle family have been busy this week with PE with Joe Wicks, Arts and Crafts, Baking, Playing, Gardening and School Work - which sounds like a super balance to us!
O. has been working on his nursing skills when not being a Superhero and completing his maths work! It also seems the entire family is working together, even the youngest!
Dissecting owl pellets to discover what is inside and looking forward to the prospect of monitoring the butterfly garden.
Rob Biddulph art lesson online was great fun!
As we know, some people find baking a really good way to relax. It also helps us to fill a bit of time, make something delicious for family and friends to share, whilst applying our maths skills! I'm reliably informed that these were delicious!
Please remember to be realistic about how much 'school work' to attempt with your child.  We know parents are also busy working from home and young children are not expected to spend hours working at a desk.  
From your photographs, we can see that your children are active, learning indoors and out and keeping safe and well. This is what we all want. Well done!
Thank you for sharing your news and pictures with us this week,  it has put a smile on the teachers' faces so we hope it will do the same for you. 
We look forward to seeing what you get up to next week!
Take care and Stay Safe by continuing to be: 'Stay at Home Superheroes'!