Red Nose Day 2019

15th March 2019
Red Nose Day 2019
This year, our School Council (with Miss McCall's help!) worked together to plan and organise a whole school event guaranteed to bring a smile to everybody's face!
Slaley's Got Talent!
The children managed to organise themselves in order to present a wide range of 'talents' including: singing, dancing (ballet and Irish), football and frog hopping!!
Pupils performed confidently and enthusiastically in solo and group items  in front of their peers and teachers. What a wonderfully positive way to start such an important day.
Acrostic Poems from Class 2:
Red nose day is a day of joy                          Red nose day is about helping people
Entertainment and fun a                                Entertainment and fun. A
Day for everybody to enjoy.                          Day of joy for everyone.
Nurseries celebrate it with their children    Noses to see all day
Only fun allowed                                            Only fun for people who live in poverty
Sing your heart out                                         Sale on red nose day - buy everything!
Enjoy this day.                                                 Even nurseries join in.
Dance your feet off                                         Dance your feet so much that they
Applause rings out                                         Appear in the air
Yey! Let's enjoy this day!                               Yay! Crazy day!
By Ruby Watt (Year 4)                                     By Archie Hunter (Year 3)
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