Red Nose Day 2017

24th March 2017
Friday, 24TH March 2017.
This Red Nose Day is all about making your laugh matter. 
We have started our day with an assembly, led by our School Council, to share the serious message of people in need of our help. The children performed a poem for the rest of the school to help them understand more about a child's life in Africa.
Family Groups
The children were then placed in three 'family' groups (Nursery - Year 4) in order to enjoy a carousel of activities linked to the key message of Comic Relief.
Activity 1 - Making a pledge (choose your nose!)
Activity 2 - African Art
Activity 3 - Visiting Speaker (PMGY volunteer) recently returned from Ghana.
                     'Make your Laugh Matter' Poster
Lunchtime Treat!
And finally....
Mrs. Seymour has made some wonderful Red Nose Cakes for the children to enjoy at lunchtime.
Your kind generosity has enabled us to donate: