Making the most of the snow!

7th January 2021
As we are all aware, we have not had the smoothest start to the New Year in schools.
Sadly, we are back to reduced numbers in classes with some pupils learning remotely from home.
We pride ourselves on being a very 'family' school and can not wait until we can all be back together, playing with our friends and enjoying our learning. 
Although the snow has made things a bit tricky for the adults on the roads, the children have loved having time outside building their own igloo. They have worked together as a team, helping each other to roll the large balls of snow into quite a large structure!
Class 1 are learning all about our 'Frozen Planet' this term so the snow and ice could not have come at a more appropriate time!
We've been using our feet to create pictures in the snow!
It will not surprise any of our parents to know that our staff continue to work with enthusiasm and commitment in very challenging circumstances. 
We have received a number of kind and thoughtful messages which have really raised morale and we would like to say a big 'thank you' to our parents and governors for their unstinting support, kindness and understanding - it is greatly appreciated.