'Lest We Forget'

11th November 2018
Remembrance - 2018
'Lest We Forget'
In their PSHE lessons, the children have been thinking about and discussing the importance of remembering the sacrifice of others. This year's anniversary is particularly significant and the children have found it very interesting learning a little bit more about what happened in 1918.
The children in Early Years have been focusing on the colour red. They have used their drawing and cutting skills to produce beautiful vases of poppies.
The children in Key Stage one have been looking at the art work of Georgia O'Keeffe and produced pictures of poppies using chalk pastels. 
In Key Stage 2, the children have spent time reflecting on what they have heard and discussed and produced a book of extremely thoughtful Acrostic Poems: 
People began to fear the beginning                          Poppies in fields remind us
Of  World War One                                                     Of the soldiers who died
Planes were loaded with bombs                               Protecting our lives
Pilots said goodbye to their loved ones                   People fall silent
It's important to remember                                        In memory in November
Each and every Soldier                                               Eternally grateful for the
Sacrificed their lives for a better world.                   Sacrifice of the soldiers. 
by Ruby Watt (Y4)                                                      by Connor Best (Y4)
Poppies everywhere                                                   Poppies grow silently in the fields
Our Beaver group marching                                     Only the trenches remain as a reminder
Piper playing                                                               People gave their lives in the war
Parading to Corbridge Church                                 People still remember their bravery
Yesterday's heroes remembered.                             You can still respect them by wearing a
by Archie Hunter (Y3)                                                by Bea Stephenson  (Y3)                     
All the children's poems can be read in the book on display in the school hall.