KS2 Roman Week

14th July 2017
KS2 Roman Week
We began our week by making the shields. We used cardboard to make a shield that reached from our nose to our knees, exactly like a Roman soldier would have his made. Most Roman shields were a similar size because the men were of a similar height, but our shields were very varied in size because ours were measured to fit us and we are very different!

We each decorated our shields with our own designs but used ideas from the shields we saw at the Roman Army Museum and those we saw in books and in film clips. We used the colours that were used in the Roman Army so that they looked as authentic as possible. We were all very pleased with what we produced.

Then we started to make our swords. We worked in pairs to help each other by holding the sword so the taping was easier. Our swords looked very effective but were harmless as we only used cardboard.

Once we had finished our swords, we started to colour in the front piece, the earflaps and the plume that would decorate our helmets.  We decided that we would use the same sort of colours as we had seen in pictures of the Roman Army, so concentrated on using red, gold, black and silver. 

Once we had finished colouring in, we cut everything out and stuck the ear pieces onto card and then gold paper so they hung down correctly.

We then used cardboard to make a band to go around our head and then a piece over to attach the plume to. Everybody had their head measured so that the helmets fit properly. We then glued everything on and we were ready for training!

On Friday morning, we came to school in some amazing costumes that our parents helped us to make. We all looked amazing and were very grateful that our parents had helped us so much.

We practised marching in step and moving in time with each other, to be able to march around the yard. We could keep in our lines and kept our formation as we marched around the corners.

Then we practised a manoeuvre called The Orb, where we formed two defensive circles around our Emperor to protect him from attack.

We were very excited about the next manoeuvre called the Testudo, where we all lined up in formation to protect ourselves as we marched into battle. The Testudo looks like a tortoise and, despite the difference in our heights, we looked very impressive. We could even march forward in step and keep in formation so we were very proud of ourselves.

Finally, we formed The Wedge which the Romans marched in to attack their enemies in battle. We were very good at this manoeuvre. We started off very slowly, stamping our feet down hard, banging our swords against our shields and chanting, sin dex (the latin for left right) in order to intimidate the enemy just like Roman soldiers would. Then, on the command to accelerate, we got faster until we could charge. Our enemy was some very willing and excited Year One and Twos who thoroughly enjoyed being chased off over the field. A fitting end to an enjoyable week and most of our equipment survived!