Keeping busy at home!

20th January 2021
This morning, I received some lovely pictures from one of our parents.
Over Zoom, the children had attended 'Beavers' and had great fun making African Djembe drums.
I'm sure a lot of you are coming up with all sorts of wonderful ideas for keeping your children busy at home during this current Lockdown.
If you would like to send me any pictures, I'd love to share them with our school community here.
Class 1 pupils have been busy working on their Arctic theme at home. As you can see, the quality of the work shows how much pride they take in their learning. Well done!
This week, the children 'attending' Beavers were asked to prepare a little presentation as part of their theme:  'Round the World'.
Edward and Robin created a slide on Slovenia and did a super job talking about it to the rest of the Beaver group. Well done boys!
Class 2 are really enjoying the novel we are studying in our English lessons this term, 'Dear Olly' by Michael Morpurgo. 
Hannah felt inspired to look for some photographs on-line and produced three gorgeous pictures.
Matilda found an online tutorial on YouTube which showed her how to draw a swallow in flight. 
Taking part in the RSPB - Big Garden Birdwatch 2021.
And curling up with an interesting magazine in front of a warm fire with the company of a devoted companion. What could be better?!