School Games Week

25th June 2021
The week from Monday 21st June to Friday 25th June has been School Games Week nationwide. This year at Slaley First School, we have organised a number of events to celebrate this initiative.

On Monday 21st JuneMrs Robson led a Quadkids event during the PE lessons. Quadkids involves taking part in four events. These are: a distance race, a throw, a standing jump and a sprint. Every child’s performance is recorded as a points score which adds to a team score to produce a winning team. This helps to develop the understanding that every individual contribution adds to a team score and everyone's efforts are valued. Mrs Robson had the children in our Sports Day teams in order to build on the team spirit they had felt on that day.

On Tuesday 22nd June, our Tennis coach, Tom Geary, came back into school to deliver a Tennis Festival. This involved a carousel of activities that the children rotated around. Points were scored for: each hit in a rally, balls bounced up and down on tennis racquets, accurate serves and a game called Battleships. Children were allowed to choose their own teams and to create interesting names for their teams which were 'interesting' and entertaining! Everyone had a great afternoon and Certificates of Achievement were given out in our Praise Assembly on Wednesday.

On Wednesday 23rd June, everyone in Years 1 - 4 took part in a Skipping Festival. The pupils in Year 4 helped to coach children who hadn’t quite mastered the skill of using a rope, helping them to successfully jump over it. It was a pleasure to watch the interaction between them, how helpful everyone was and how each success was celebrated. Different skills were introduced and great progress was made by everyone. They were certainly very tired after working so hard, but they all had big smiles on their faces at the end and a sense of pride in what they had achieved.

The ‘School Games’ champions the idea of general health and fitness, but more importantly, the mental well-being and self-belief that can be achieved through physical activity. The Games has Six Values which promote the ability to develop great attitudes for the future. These are: Teamwork, Passion, Determination, Self-belief, Honesty and Respect. Certificates were given out to pupils that displayed these values during each event.

We intend to continue our School Games activities in the next few weeks, by holding a Tri-Golf Festival. We are also going to complete the Team Work Challenge which is a set of activities. These will take place during the Lunchtime Break and will be led by our Lunchtime Supervisors.

All of these activities demonstrate our Whole School Commitment to being fit, healthy and happy people who work together to have a great time.