Hinduism - Bowes Museum Visit

8th June 2018

On Friday 8th June, we had a visitor in school, who came from the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle.  She iss part of the Educational Outreach team who came to speak to all our pupils from Reception to Year Four as part of our Social, Moral and Cultural programme and Religious Education curriculum. The workshop was based on one of the Hindu gods, Ganesha. During the summer term, we have been learning about the Hindu Faith so this was an excellent enhancement to the pupils educational experience.

The pupils were given an introduction to the Hindu Faith and  told the story of how Ganesha got his elephant head. They were able to examine a number of different statues of the god so they could see how colourful and different they could be. 

The children then were taken step-by-step through the process of setting up a home shrine to Ganesha. They were able to handle each item used. One by one, the pupils brought each important item and placed it on the shrine whilst receiving lots of information about the item and the role it plays during Hindu worship. They were also able to experience the different smells of incense and jasmine which some loved, but some were not so keen!

Once the shrine was complete, a boy and a girl in each session were dressed in clothing that Hindu boys and girls would wear as traditional dress. There was also two lengths of real sari material so they could experience the feel and colours of the beautiful cloth.

The Year 3 and 4 workshop in the morning, concluded with a craft session where they could make a clay statue of Ganesha, which all were very proud of. The Year 1, 2 and Reception work shop gave two different craft opportunities. The pupils created a pencil drawing of Ganesha and then coloured in a large poster and created a collage using different paper and shiny stickers, glittery shapes and pompoms.

Everyone really enjoyed their session and created some wonderful art work while learning so much about the Hindu faith. Many thanks to the Outreach Team worker: Gemma, for such an excellent day. We will definitely be looking to repeat the experience in two years’ time.