Harvest Performance by EYFS

8th October 2020
Celebrating the changes of Autumn and the joy of sharing.
This week, EYFS have been reading the story 'Squirrel's Autumn Search', a story about Autumnal changes and the power of sharing and helping your friends. The children loved this story so much they decided to act it out!
Leo and Seb took on the roles of the squirrel brothers, Connie the mouse, Cillian the rabbit and Izzy the owl, while the other children helped to set the scene and chose their own movements to represent the Autumn changes such as swirling leaves and harvesting corn.

The children did a super job with all of their acting roles and this story was a great way for us to start talking about Autumn and sharing the harvest.

At the end of the story, squirrel and his brother share the nuts they have collected and realise that food tastes even better if you share it. We collected apples from our tree in the school grounds, and shared them out as our snack, just like the squirrels! 

We hope you too enjoy sharing this year's harvest with your family.