Great North Museum - Stone Age to Iron Age

14th November 2018
Great North Museum
Class 2 Trip - Stone Age to Iron Age
Today, Class 2 had an amazing time at The Great North Museum. They were investigating artefacts from Early Stone Age to Iron Age.
The children had a range of practical challenges that required them to adopt 'enquiring minds' in order to  draw their own conclusions from what they could see and read.
During the afternoon session, the key focus task was to complete an 'Object Passport' where the children needed to choose their favourite object from the cases in the gallery, answer questions about it and make a sketch of the artefact.
These were their favourite objects: 
As always, the children's behaviour was impeccable. The lead teacher of High Spen School, who were also sharing the gallery with us in the morning, popped in whilst we were eating lunch to tell the children how impressed he was with their behaviour. 
We felt very proud to have them representing our school in a public place.