FoSS Flower Festival

15th July 2021
As restrictions have prevented FoSS from organising their annual Summer Fair this year, they came up with a super idea of hosting a Slaley School Flower Festival on Thursday, 15th July.
There were 2 classes that the children could enter:
1. A planted flower in an old wellington boot
2. A miniature garden
As you can see, the children did a super job of being incredibly creative. Mrs. English had a hard job to judge the entries and decide on who the winners would be.
Well done everyone!
At lunchtime we drew the Summer Raffle. There were 16 prizes generously donated by businesses, friends and family. Thank you!
It has been a lovely cheerful day for the children as they were allowed to come into school in brightly coloured clothes. 
At the end of the day, their entries were placed around the school field so that all parents had an opportunity to look at them at pick-up time. 
Finally, after the prizes were awarded to our winners, all children collected a summer party bag as they left the school grounds.
In addition to organising the events of the day, FoSS also took the time to create a  wonderful rainbow banner of flowers using the children's artwork to provide something cheerful for all the village to enjoy.
From us all:
Thank you FoSS for providing us with such a happy end to a difficult and challenging year.
Your efforts have also raised an amazing £468.00!