EYFS - Zoolab Visit

12th July 2019
Zoolab Visit to Early Years


Today, the children in Early Years had a visit from Rob at Zoolab and he brought lots of interesting creatures with him! We all had the chance to hold or stroke the animals and we learned some really fascinating facts.

We found out that Tilly the Tarantula has 48 knees and that she might live until she is 30 years old!

Maverick the Millipede has 200 legs and he enjoyed tickling our hands.

Brian the Scorpion didn’t even look real until he moved and we discovered he has 12 eyes!

Harry the Royal Python has over 4000 muscles in his body and he didn’t feel slimy at all.

Rob was really impressed with how well the children listened and how gentle they were with his special friends.

What a fun morning!