Cold Blooded & Spineless!

17th July 2019
'Cold Blooded & Spineless' - AONB
In 2016 we were invited to get involved in a five year Heritage funded project: 'Cold Blooded and Spineless'  organised by the North Pennines AONB partnership. The initiative was planned to raise awareness and celebrate invertebrates and their importance in this upland region.
Following this year's  invite by  AONB to visit the Bowlees Visitors Centre, Class 2 spent a delightful day amongst the 'cold blooded and spineless' creatures (particularly midges!) in Upper Teesdale, close to the Bow Lee Beck. The children took part in 4 activities based around learning how certain invertebrates (Mayfly, Stonefly and Caddisfly larvae) had adapted to survive in and around their river habitat. They tried their hand at making Pond Skaters that could float on the surface and a Caddisfly larva that could sink in the water. 
They got up close and sticky with printing inks and plants to make suitable habitats for their minibeasts.
The children finished off next to a waterfall attempting to catch some unsuspecting examples of invertebrates for closer study. 
The sun shone, the rain stayed away and only an odd drop of water got in over the wellies! 
A fun and  informative day.