Christmas Activity Week

18th December 2020
This week, we have been enjoying a number of 'Christmassy' activities as it is the last week of term.
FoSS has supplied us with plant pots and pens with which to decorate them. We have come up with a number of original designs. We have filled the pots with compost ready for our little fir trees (supplied free of charge from TreesPlease).
On Tuesday, 15th December, we received a visit from a very special visitor...SANTA!
Because of the current situation, he was extremely careful and sat in our 'reading chair' in the school garden. 
We sat in a circle around him, had a chat (even though he was so busy) and received a present to take home and put under our Christmas Trees. 
On Wednesday, 16th December we had our Christmas Dinner at school. It was delicious!
We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Mr. O'Neill for doing such a good job. 
On Friday, we were allowed to come to school in our 'festive' clothes. Mrs. Julie had organised a Santa Dash for us all to join in with which is an activity taking place right across the County.
And at lunchtime, we drew the tickets for the Hamper Raffle. This year, there were an amazing 10 hamper prizes. Thank you to everybody who donated items and bought raffle tickets in support of the school.
We've had a super last week of term. It has been different this year, but we are happy and healthy and feel very lucky to be able to come to school to learn and be with our friends and teachers.
So, from all of us, we wish you a very SAFE & HAPPY CHRISTMAS!