Celeld Rocks - Visiting Speaker

16th October 2019
Mr. Geologist!
(Steven, our visiting speaker from Celeld Rocks - funded by FoSS).
On Wednesday 16th October, the pupils in Year Three and Four had a very exciting morning with a workshop taking place in school. This was linked to their current Science and Geography topics. Steven, from Celeld Rocks, came into school and delivered a very interesting and informative session. The pupils decided to call him Mr Geologist as they were so impressed with the idea of his job as a career choice. Our visitor was very happy with his new title.
Science Focus

The science focus was on Rocks and Fossils. Mr Geologist had a large collection of rocks that were from each category; Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary. The pupils heard about the properties of each type of rock and were able to handle them and examine them through a magnifying glass. They discovered rocks that float and glow in the dark and feel like talcum powder when they are wet. Mr Geologist told some exciting stories about where he had found some of the rocks and showed us videos of him actually finding them. The children were very impressed with the Lava rock as he was standing next to the flowing lava in his video!

Geography Focus

We then moved on to look at Volcanoes and Earthquakes which is part of our Geography topic.  Two of our pupils got to use a model that recreated how an earthquake erupts. Our visitor then showed us lots of videos of erupting volcanoes that he had visited, which were very impressive.

The children then got to operate a number of models that were copied from the actual eruptions we had seen in the videos.  These were all very exciting but the last one, based on the famous eruption in Iceland that blocked all flights for a while because of the ash cloud, was the most dramatic. The model of Eyjafjallajokull shot lava out so fast it hit the ceiling and some of the children! Of course, it was a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate soda but was very spectacular! The pupils then discovered that because of the pressure applied, we had completed the rock formation cycle and created our own rocks!

All the pupils in the class would like to say a huge "Thank You!" to FoSS for providing the funding for this event. We are extremely grateful as it was an amazing learning experience that greatly enriched the understanding of the children and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.