'England Does The Daily Mile'

30th April 2021
On Friday 30th April, we took part in a National event set up by Sport England and The Lottery Fund as part of the campaign called The Daily Mile. This is a campaign that has been created as a way of helping children to become fitter, healthier and more able to concentrate in the classroom. It has major social and emotional benefits for children who take part in this activity too. This has become even more important after the experience we have all had in the past year and this is why a National Day was organised this year.

Here at Slaley First School, we have been running our own Golden Mile for about ten years so we are fully aware of the benefit of an organised activity every day to promote all the benefits of exercise. This involves the children running laps of our yard at playtime every day. We ask for at least ten laps a day, rather than a mile every day, as this allows time for playing together during playtime. Many pupils run or walk many more laps as they are very keen to raise the total they have achieved so that it gets bigger all the time. We currently have a number of pupils who have a total of 200 miles accumulated over their time in school. 

Our pupils were delighted to accept the challenge to join the “England Does The Daily Mile” event on Friday. All pupils in school took part in the event during break time. Our Year Four Buddies did an excellent job in helping their teams to pace their running so that they could complete the challenge.  Unfortunately, it started to rain when we had completed 14 out of the 22 laps of our yard that measure a mile, but our dedicated pupils just waited and then completed the remaining laps as soon as they went outside after they had eaten their lunch. As you can see from the smiles, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were very proud to be one of the 1780+ schools in England that also took part and some of the more than half-a- million children that were involved throughout the country. A great achievement!