All roads lead to Rome!

5th April 2017
Class 2 Education Visit to the Roman Army Museum & Vindolanda
The children in Key Stage 2 have had an excellent trip today, visiting two sites in one day. It meant extending the school day, but it was worth it!
The morning was spent at the Roman Army Museum where the children got to:
  • learn from a 'virtual teacher' in a Roman classroom;
  • Listen to a presentation from a Centurian about 'joining up'!
  • Enjoy all the exciting interactive exhibits available at the museum.
After lunch it was straight on to the archaeological dig and museum at Vindolanda.
The children had an opportunity to study a three dimensional plan of the original site, before visiting the  actual site of the Fort and Vicus.
The children also got to meet an archaeologist working on the current excavation project and were able to ask questions to find out more about the work they are doing.
It was particularly exciting to explore the re-created section of the Fort entrance and wall, and view the Roman Baths which they had learnt about in the morning.
The children were extremely interested and well behaved throughout the visit, resulting in them receiving two compliments from members of the public.
Mrs Julie's superb organisation and preparation of the trip meant they had a really extra special experience.
Thank you!