African Drumming Workshop

30th April 2019
African Drumming Workshop
Years 1 - 4
Today, the children had an opportunity to participate in an African Drumming Workshop with Claire Suckling.  
For Years 1 & 2 this was  a 'taster session'; a chance to find out about the different kinds of sounds you can make on a drum by changing the shape of your hand, using more force or stopping the vibration. They discovered they were very good at listening to and repeating rhythms and could follow the directions of a 'conductor'. 
Class 2 had a chance to expand on their learning, having already completed a term's course on African Drumming.
Claire was very impressed with how much they were able to do, but also, how much they were able to learn in a short session.
By the end of the workshop, the children were able to perform an 'introduction', a two-part arrangement of rhythms and finish with a 'rumble' conducted by Lotte (who told us when we could stop!).
What a super way to spend an afternoon!