Use of Social Media

Social Media & Assessment Tests
We have been asked, by a local authority representative, to increase parental awareness of the impact of social media during times of Statutory Assessments.
Although guidelines state the Key Stage 1 SATs should take place in May, we are not given specific dates when all schools must administer each test. Therefore, your child may have taken a test before that of a friend’s/relative’s child. The content of the test should not be made available to your child, yourself or the school until the actual day when your child sits the test. There have been cases when conversations have taken place through social media and the administration of tests compromised. This impacts on your child and school as investigation into maladministration will then need to take place (please see link below).
We would therefore ask you to refrain from making any reference to the SATs or phonic screening test (KS1 – June) on social media in order to protect the standardisation of performance.
Social Media is a powerful tool of communication in modern-day society. However, it can prove very destructive if used to discuss perceived issues in your child’s school. As you know, if you have any concerns, questions or issues relating to school life, the most effective way to deal with these is to contact school directly. This can be done by phone, email or in person.
Thank you, we greatly appreciate your support in this matter.