Snowy Spring!

1st March 2018
Rising to the Challenge!
28.2.18 - 2.3.18
It's been a challenging week for many people due to the 'Beast from the East', but the folk of Slaley have really risen to the challenge.
We have had almost all our catchment area children attending school for a full week with over half the pupils battling through blizzard conditions to continue working hard on their studies.
The children arrived this morning to find that Jack Frost had left them a letter...
Dear Children,
I hope you can help me.  Last night it was so cold that my hands snapped off and I have lost them.  Please will you look outside for my hands.  If you find them please put them somewhere where they can stay cold.  Let me know if you find them and I will come and get them.
Thank you,
Jack Frost
Naturally, they were straight on the case and dressed for action!! 
And they found them!!
The children have received hot lunches every day thanks to our Breakfast Club Leader, Mrs. Hope, and the super forward planning of Mrs. Seymour.  
Furthermore, I would like to send out a huge thank you to Mrs. Lincoln, one of our school governors, who has kindly provided me with a place to stay for the last three nights! It was more than either of us bargained for!! 
Without local staff, living in the village, the school would've had to close.  Mrs. O'Neill has been a secretary, caretaker and teacher over the past three days and we can't thank her enough!!
Staff needing to commute to work in cars could not have done so safely.  Thankfully, they were sensible and stayed put. 
And's 'goodbye from us'!